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Animation Series

Tumbi (2022)

The Adventures Of Tumbi 2022 The Adventures Of Tumbi is an animated series follows roving junior reporters Tumbi & Ruby as they embark on exciting journeys to different countries, cultures and landmarks. Their mission: to get the story for Grammy's television show.

Along the way, they encounter new challenges, make friends, have plenty of laughs and learn valuable lessons about the world and themselves. With a sense of adventure, fun and love for each other, Tumbi's exploits are sure to be a hit with audiences of all ages.

With global toys sales spanning over eight years, the successful partnership between ‘Greenie, Elfie, and Tumbi’ creator Too Natthapong, and toy manufacturer Unbox Industries, in collaboration with The Monk Studios, will now bring these beloved toys to life in the new animated series ‘The Adventures of Tumbi’.

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