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Feature Film

Khun Thong Daeng The Inspirations : Tong Lor (2015)
15 minutes, Directed by Chawalit Kaewmanee

The story of Tonglor is inspired by Khun Thong Daeng; the dog of His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand. Khun Thong Daeng was a stray dog adopted and looked after by His Majesty. Khun Thong Daeng was loyal, honest, grateful and clever despite originally being a street dog. Due to her polite behavior, extraordinary personality and the time she spent with the King, the story of Khun Thong Daeng became very popular in Thailand.

Khun Thong Daeng’s famous loyalty made her the role model for service dogs. Inspired by Khun Thong Daeng, our naughty puppy Tonglor, aspires to be the best ever service dog for his blind mistress. To protect Fah, he must overcome his childhood fears, and use his imagination to help her.
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